The Edge

Directed by Géraldine Cammisar and Zaide Kutay
Produced by Ulmi Films, Hochschule Luzern - Design & Kunst, SRF Schweizer Radio und Fernsehen
Position: Background Artist

The Edge is an animated short about parallel worlds, taking risks and breaking out of habits. 
A lone truck driver drives his load, a ferris wheel, through no-man's-land and beyond the edge of his universe.


Final result


colour scheme exlporation

Beyond Orange

Directed by Géraldine Cammisar and Daniel Zinsstag
Produced by Hochschule Luzern - Design & Kunst
Position: Background and Compositing Artist

In a cold and icy world, a tough young huntress searches for food for her village when suddenly an orange sphere appears in the blue sky.


Final result

final formatfinal formatfinal format